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devil duck


Some time last week we slow-roasted a chicken: 250F for about five hours, and it came out really luscious and tender. It was a good-sized roaster, and we had only eaten about a third of it between us that day, so yesterday we turned it into soup with dumplings. Also luscious, warming, comforting... just what you want on a chilly winter evening (although this winter has been decidedly on the warm side, with only a handful of nights below freezing so far).

Some other time last week we slow-roasted a pork shoulder: 200-250F for about seven hours. It came out reasonably tasty, but full of connective tissue, and not the falling-off-the-bone-tender we were hoping for. So we put the leftovers in the fridge, planning to do something else with it eventually. Eventually was tonight: when I took it out of the fridge, it looked fairly desiccated, so I put it in a covered stockpot on the stove with about 1/4" of water and let it simmer while I cut, cleaned, and baked delicata-squash rings. Success! After about half an hour of steaming, the connective tissue had mostly melted away and the meat was indeed falling-off-the-bone. And I got the timing right for the squash rings: about half an hour (turning them over several times) at 400F left them slightly caramelized but not scorched. Too much olive oil on the pan, though, so some of them got soggy.


Squash rings? I like squash....
They're wonderful--they look like onion rings, but taste like sweet potato fries :-D (And Delicata has a thin, edible skin, so it's EZ prep and virtually no waste--none is you toast the seeds :-D)
How thick do you usually slice them? Sounds nummy.
About 1/4", I think.

Most of the delicatas we've found are about the size and shape of a zucchino or a cucumber, striated green and yellow. The skin is a little tougher than theirs, but still edible when cooked. We found one that was nearly spherical, which makes the "rings" thing not work so well, but it was still tasty.