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devil duck

It's log, it's log...

So there I am, minding my own business and kneading bread dough, when a horrible noise comes through the window from behind the house. There's a guy in a cherry-picker, with a chain saw, taking branches off the maple tree behind my next-door neighbor's house. Yes, it's got a number of dead branches, which could be dangerous, but he's taking off the live branches. So I walk outside and ask one of the guys on the ground whether they're taking out the whole tree; yes, they are. I stand at a safe distance for a while, watching, and it occurs to me there's probably some really nice wood in there. I scope out a fairly straight 4-foot section of branch with minimal knots, about 6" diameter, and as soon as there's a break in the action, I ask whether I could have it. The guy with the chain saw (who's now down on the ground) very kindly cuts it to order, so now it's lying in my back yard. I guess I'll have to split it, put it up on the rafters of the garage, and let it age for a few months... and then think of something to make out of it.

Back to cooking, with perhaps a break or two to write class notes, or a book review, or a textbook, or to fix the broken image links on my medieval-tents Web site (@#*$(&* British Library reorganized their site so the old links don't work, and in fact many of the pictures may only be available by paying for them), or ...


Oh, very nice :) Good find, there.

I Know!

Let's call Pimpy!