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devil duck

dog stuff

Yesterday morning I took the Things to the dog run. Since this dog run isn't in convenient walking distance, I think this was the first time I've been there since Next New Thing arrived at the end of August. Sometimes in the past we've been the only ones there, or there have been one or two other dogs, but this time there were half a dozen other dogs, including another (four-year-old) greyhound. I talked to the kid with the greyhound, and he said he had another one at home, then said "Hang on; I'll be back in a minute," as he took the four-year-old home (a few blocks away) and brought back the ten-year-old female.

Here's Thing Two with his new girlfriend.

There were also a couple of pit-bulls and lab-pit-bull-crosses who were young enough and energetic enough to give Next New Thing something to chase:

Of course, the problem with a greyhound chasing a non-greyhound is that the chase doesn't last very long. I tried to explain to Next New Thing that he would have more fun chasing other dogs if he gave them a chance to get away from the fence first....


What fun! I hope Thing Two gets to spend more time with his sweetie and that Next New Thing learns to give the canine target a sporting chance. :-)