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devil duck

Back from pilgrimage

So, the Pilgrimage to Santiago del Parque Central was better in concept than in execution. They handed out lit candles during rehearsal, essentially all of which had blown out by the time we started walking. The director had a bullhorn to address the crowd, but couldn't remember to keep it close to his mouth so we kept losing the last half of every sentence. He directed (in slow quarter notes) the beginning of each piece, but sorta went AWOL (or at least invisible) once it started, which is a problem when you have a hundred singers who just met one another and are strung out over a distance of forty yards. So for most of the way, there were at least three or four separate clusters of singers, each at a slightly different tempo and therefore at a different point in the music, each cluster unable to hear the others.

But it was an interesting exercise. The most musically-rewarding part was when we finished up at St John the Divine and sang "Stella Splendens", "Mariam Matrem", and "Splendens Ceptigera" in that enormous echoey space.


Love the sound of song in that cathedral! Our shcool nuns sang every christmas there; just like angels, it was...
And I sang there every year I was in grade school, for Episcopalian School Sunday. (I was in the school choir - Vaughn Williams anthems IIRC.) Quite an introduction to performance, that was...