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devil duck

House possessed by gremlins

Last Wednesday, the switch controlling one of the two overhead bathroom lights decided it would no longer turn off. So that night we just closed the bathroom door and the bedroom door and ignored the light. I made some attempt at looking up electricians before leaving town for a conference, but had more urgent things on my mind.. And by the time I got home last night, it was working again. I presume there's still a problem and it still needs to be fixed, but it's on the back burner now.

So today we came home from running errands, put down our bags in the kitchen and dining room, and I went to hang up our coats on the enclosed porch... and couldn't get out to the enclosed porch. The door was unlocked, and the doorknob turned normally, but it had no effect on the bolt. I went out the back door, around the house, and in the front, and couldn't get the door to open from the outside either.

So I got some screwdrivers and removed the doorknob. No dice. I couldn't remove the plate, because the door was still closed. I got a hammer and knocked the pins out of the hinges. No dice. I started trying to pry the bolt open with a screwdriver, and all I got was the sound of splintering wood. So I figured the door was already seriously compromised, continued prying and splintering, and eventually pulled the bolt assembly completely out of the wood.

So now we can get in and out of the enclosed porch, but we really need a door there. Home Depot, here we come....

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you can actually get metal plates that bolt to the door and hold the lockset in place even though the wood is compromised


Interesting idea. As you can see, the wood is QUITE "compromised", but if it worked, that would save us several hundred dollars. We were planning to replace the door anyway, but hadn't planned to do that this week.