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conference presentation

I had brutally trimmed my slide presentation down to 76 slides, which I figured I might actually be able to get through in an hour and a half. My talk was scheduled to start at 2:15. The keynote address, however, didn't end until 2:12, and it was in a different building, so we didn't get started until 2:30. Fortunately, there was nobody in the room immediately after me, so I was able to run over a bit. Still didn't get through all the slides, as some things took longer than I expected, but I think we decently covered at least fifty of them.

I had eight participants -- not great, not bad (I once did a similar talk for three, which was demoralizing), and they all seemed to be paying attention and "getting" the important points. And several of them, I think, are seriously considering using this approach in their own classrooms -- or at least taking a longer workshop on it.
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