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devil duck

Fall cleaning

Several other people on my friends list have posted recently about cleaning house, discarding excess stuff, etc. so I thought I'd join the club. We make a point of hosting the Baronial business meeting in our living room twice a year, which not only gives us an opportunity to cook and throw a party for our friends, but forces us to clean [the public areas of] the house at least twice a year. Of course, reversing entropy is a lot more work than moving it around, so some of it has been shoved into the computer room, the master bedroom, the attic, and the basement, but just at the moment the public areas look pretty decent -- one wouldn't know we're in the SCA unless one looked at the titles of the books on the shelves.

Wednesday night we made tapenade and did some cleaning. Last night we made hummus, experimented with the pommeaulx (Scully and Scully redaction; needed to increase the spices), made beet brownies, and did some cleaning. Today I made a double batch of spinach tarts, a double batch of pommeaulx, a double batch of not-remotely-medieval fruit compote, and did some cleaning. Still ahead: heroin wings, pasta with yogurt sauce, and veggies-n-dip.



beet brownies

No, cupcakes--doesn't matter what the original recipes was, they bear no resemblance to brownies now :-)