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I think this was the fifth robo-call I've gotten from "Americans for Marriage", ostensibly to survey my opinion on "one of the most important issues of our time: the stability of our families."
"Are you registered to vote in New York State?"
"Do you agree that only marriage between one man and one woman should be allowed in New York State?"
"Thank you for your time...."

Unlike the previous four calls, this one ended with an identification of the organization that had commissioned the survey, including its address and phone number.

I could see why they would want to repeat-call a number that gave them the answer they wanted, but repeat-calling me can only be chalked up to incompetence.


A friend of mine has gotten no less than four phone calls from NOM (National Organization for Marriage,) with pretty much the same formula.

My suspicion is that they're just calling massive lists of people, possibly over and over again, for the purposes of getting them riled up about the issue. Of course, in my friends case she got riled up about them. I'm hoping that will be the case in a lot of the people called.
Y'know, I almost wish they'd call *me* so I could tell them just what I think of them and their lies. Then again, they've basically given up Massachusetts as lost and damned...
They're just recordings, so you don't get to talk to a person at all.

As I said, I think the point is not to do a "survey," I think the point is to get the torch-bearing mob to march on Albany, or something.
Maybe they are hoping someone else will answer the phone.


"I'm calling on behalf of Concerned Homophobes United. Are you registered to vote?"

"Roowowowowowow! Yip!"

"And do you believe that only Gawd-fearing heterosexuals should marry?"


"Uhhh...Thank you for your time...." ::click::

That was... illuminating....
Did Thing actually yip on cue? *giggles* in either case.
Yeah, that really is stupid. You'd think that they'd have some sort of program that would allow them to register your disagreement on the first call.
Oh, but if you see enough of their propaganda, you might change your mind, so they've got to check back!