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devil duck


So last night shalmestere and I went into Manhattan to hear this concert. The second half of the program was Dufay, which is usually technically difficult but tuneful and catchy.

The first half was... [OMG] the Turin manuscript (Torino J.II.9), a collection of hundreds of pieces of music from late 14th-century Cyprus, brought to Italy in 1413. shalmestere and I have played a few of the pieces, and my medieval-notation class has read a few of them in facsimile. They're devilishly difficult, full of bizarre rhythms and hockets (sixteen of the pieces are recorded, superbly, on this album). This is brave, dangerous stuff to put on a concert program: much of the time it felt like they were hanging onto the edge of a cliff by their fingertips, and a few times they lost the beat for a few seconds, but it never quite fell apart, and was mostly quite musical and enjoyable.


Extreme performing! Must have been exhilarating.