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devil duck

Life in the Big City

I walked a few blocks to the chiropractor, and passed a van labelled "Cars for Film", inside which were two really wild-looking motorcycles: spherical tires, elaborate gold-painted manes and spoilers and stuff that doesn't have a standard name. I pulled out my phone, and somebody standing near the van said "No pictures, buddy. Not until the movie comes out.". Turns out they're filming parts of "Men in Black 3" in our neighborhood.

I was a good boy, and didn't take any pictures :-)



You mean if I walk around the neighborhood long enough, I might see Tommy Lee Jones?

::fans self::

I don't know if he's in this movie, but maybe Will Smith....
Correction: TLJ and Will Smith are both in this movie, as is... Emma Thompson.
You can stop grinning now....
Oh, my. Get out the smelling salts.
So, about that dogsitting gig....
Rob will take it for a chance at Ms. T.

Seriously, this is ton o' fun!
I tried calling you just now, but no one was home. I'll be up late (until about 11), so we can talk tonight, if you wish.

We're here--I guess we couldn't hear the phone over the shawms....
I just called hudebnik, so we've hammered out which dates will work for me.

Edited at 2011-06-03 02:08 am (UTC)
where was this exactly? :o)
Hillside and Myrtle.
Makes sense: if they're looking for 1960s-vintage storefronts/signage, they'll find plenty in that area (like the former RKO Theatre, whose marquee got restored for The Untouchables or some other gangster vehicle...).
I saw some suspicous looking lights and generator trucks at 111th and Jamaica on my way home...