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Just got a glossy flyer in the mail saying "Do you want the jobs, savings, and convenience of a Walmart in New York City?" [For those of you who don't live in NYC, we currently have none inside the city limits, and the City Council has been debating whether to allow one.]

Inside, in addition to the brief arguments that Walmart will in fact bring jobs, savings, and convenience, are a multitude of ways that you too can get involved in the community groundswell of support for a rabidly-anti-union multinational corporation to open yet another franchise that kills every small business within miles and drives its own suppliers bankrupt. There's a facebook page. There's a toll-free phone number (xxx-NYC-JOBS). There's a reply card on which you can join "Walmart's New York City Community Action Network" and promise to (check all that apply):
* attend a meeting to show your support for Walmart
* write a letter to the local newspaper or City officials
* attend a pro-Walmart rally

Power to the people! Stick it to the man! Stand up for your God-given right to another big-box store!


Well, that's a bit different from the one we got.

Ours was "You don't have to ask permission to (fill in the blank - various activities.) You shouldn't have to ask permission to shop at Walmart! Only you should be able to decide where you shop! It's *your* choice"

As if they hadn't been taking choice away from communities all over the country...
Yes, there was the line "Your money. Your choice." This is about personal freedom, obviously :-)
It's like Sarah !$@$@!$@ Palin claiming that the First Lady's campaign against child obesity is somehow a conspiracy to deprive Americans of dessert.

Christ Almighty, I hate this sort of thing.
I don't think the city council was all that impressed when Wal-Mart blew them off and didn't attend a recent meeting....
Stand up for your God-given right to another big-box store!

Yeah, 'cuz we don't have enough of those within the city limits already :-P

rabidly-anti-union multinational corporation...franchise that kills every small business within miles and drives its own suppliers bankrupt

Immigrants leave third-world countries to Find the American Dream in NYC. Many of them start their own small businesses, and work their way into the middle class. If Wal-Mart gets a foothold inside the city limits, these selfsame immigrants will come to NYC, end up at Wal-mat, and work dead-end jobs until they croak.

Or maybe not. I'd love to be proven wrong on this one, but seeing how the NIMBY Manhattanites are willing to shop at big-box stores (there's an IKEA shuttle, fercrissakes) I'm not sanguine about it :-(

Some years ago, I saw a PBS news special called "Merchants of Cool." It described how marketers had become experts at coopting every positive or rebellious urge of youth as a means of enhancing profitability.

A similar phenomenon has taken place with regard to the adult urges to engage politically. It is one of the more unfortunate and pernicious corruptive influences.