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devil duck

Snow day

So we got about 4" of snow yesterday morning, then it stopped for enough hours that I could shovel the front steps and walk. Then around 8 PM it started again. By 11 PM, when we took the dogs for their bedtime walk, there were a few more inches on the ground and the air was thick with rapidly-falling snow. This morning I measured 11" on the front walk, for a total of 15" in the last 24 hours (which matches the City's report of snowfall in Central Park). shalmestere's employer and mine are both closed for the day.

Oh, and it's my birthday.

We had an appointment to take Thing Two to the vet this afternoon, but I don't think that'll happen.

It's a gorgeous day. Maybe we'll go sledding in the park.


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your snow day. :)
Well, that's about the best kind of birthday present I can think of. Enjoy!
Happy day to you!
Happy birthday :D
Happy Boitday to Youse 8)
I think romping in the snow with the Things and your Spouse sounds like a *wonderful* way to spend a birthday! Have a happy!
Happy birthday.
For your birthday I brought you this pretty snow day.