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devil duck


So last month as I was walking Thing One home from the chiropractor (long story....), I saw a couple of guys pointing and staring up into a small tree. When I followed their lead, I saw a bright green parrot (well, some kind of psittacid -- I don't know them all apart). And another. And another. They took off and were joined by at least half a dozen more from other trees. I had heard there were parrots in Brooklyn, but didn't know they had moved to Queens. December in New Yawk....

Yesterday as I was taking the Things on a routine walk to excrete and check their p-mail, I saw a red-tailed hawk in the top of a tall tree in the front yard of a house. It flew away, and another flew into the same tree. At least one of them seemed to be carrying a stick in its mouth; nesting pair? In retrospect, I don't know why it was surprising: we live two blocks from a square mile of forested park, but I've never seen hawks here in my residential neighborhood.


Let us hope that the raptors take care of the psittacids :->