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devil duck

Holiday dining

Let's see...
Dec. 18 we hosted an SCA business meeting cum Xmas party. Grilled lamb, carrot slaw, broccoli marinated in fish sauce and lime juice, artichoke quichelets, "heroin" wings, hummus, tapenade, and I forget what else. Lots of cookies, of course, and the chocolate fountain with dipping-stuff (strawberries, bananas, pretzel rods, starfruit, ...).

There were probably some mentionable meals in the following week, but I've forgotten what and when.

Dec. 24 we roasted a duck and served it with roasted brussels sprouts in balsamic vinegar and a baked wild-rice dressing with dried cranberries and hazelnuts. And Xmas cookies.

Dec. 25 we made beef Wellington, which (we learned) is a hunk of tenderloin topped with sauteed mushrooms and paté, wrapped in puff pastry, and baked. We actually made four single-serving Wellingtons, two of which are now in the freezer (we'll find out how well they survive freezing, perhaps for my birthday). Served with baby potatoes roasted in leftover duck fat. There was something else, but I don't remember what -- perhaps leftover carrot slaw? And Xmas cookies.

Dec. 26 was the Day of Snow, so we started a batch of "June-Bug Chili" [in which the distinctive ingredient is whole almonds, which do bear a disturbing resemblance to beetles] in the crock-pot in the morning, and ate it with macaroni and grated Cheddar. And Xmas cookies.

Dec. 27: the Day of Shoveling. (Not really: each of us did maybe an hour at most.) Lunch was chili, macaroni, and leftover broccoli from the 18th. Dinner is to be a casserole of leftover wild-rice dressing mixed with the meat I picked off the duck carcass last night. And Xmas cookies.


There was something else, but I don't remember what....

Grilled asparagus.
June-Bug Chili!? OMG I love it. I bet that might give my 4yo incentive to try it again. She's been adamantly anti-chili since the day she ignored Rob's warning not to steal from his already-spiced bowl. Happily they were "only" jalapenos. A co-worker sometimes offers habaneros...those probably wouldn't have soothed with a yoghurt cup.

The duck dinner sounds delightful. Actually, 98% of your meals sound delightful on an ongoing basis, and that 2% is entirely my odd food preferences. ;)

My favorite "Two Fat Ladies" quote was about beef Wellington (numbers not remembered, just made up now on the fly): "If you're going to serve it rare, cook it for 30 minute. If you're going to serve it medium rare, cook it for 45 minutes. If you're going to serve it well done, I'd suggest you not bother atall!"

Junebug Chili

The recipe we use is more like a Cincinnati-style chili (with cinnamon, et al), so the overall effect is "medieval spicy" rather than "capsaicin spicy" :-) I suspect that it would not be too incendiary for your 4-y.o. (although if she's now afraid of chili, you might want to call it "June-Bug Stew," instead :-D), and your chile-head could doctor his own portion with chopped jalapenos or dried red pepper flakes :-)

Re: Junebug Chili

If you've got the recipe typed up, would you mind sharing at some point? I'm already using cinnamon in my chili so that sounds right up my alley.

Re: Junebug Chili