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devil duck

Anniversary weekend

We did not go out of town. We did not go to an SCA demo. We did not get together with my cousin. Couple time.

Friday night we went to L'Ecole, our traditional celebratory-dinner spot (four-star cuisine for, let's say, three-star prices because the cooks are all students getting graded on their work). It was fabulous as always, despite the menu being slightly different from what shalmestere had read on the Web.

Saturday morning we went to the farmers' market (the one in Union Square, since the one a mile from our home hasn't opened yet for the season :-( ), chatted with farmers about their craft (sorta like chatting with SCA artisans about what they do with their hands) and bought some lovely fruits, vegetables, and meat. Dinner was grilled lamb steak, purple carrots, and sugar snap peas, followed by vanilla ice cream topped with really fresh raspberries (pureed with a bit of Grand Marnier). Yum! Somewhere in between, shalmestere finished sewing together the body of a fully-lined linen Gothic Fitted Dress; our nemesis, the sleeves, still lie ahead but the body looks really good.

After the traditional Sunday-morning low-carb pancakes, we went to the beach for the first time this year. The water was lovely, we started re-reading Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince respectively, and we'll probably both have sunburns tomorrow despite sunscreen and a beach umbrella. On the way home, we stopped at Circuit City and, as an anniversary present, bought a new clock radio that will talk to the iPod. (We'd been thinking of the Bose, but the iHome seems to do all the same things, with almost the same sound quality, for a fifth the price. Check back and see if that assessment changes over time....)

Tomorrow, back to work.