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public-interest conspiracies

Boosting the signal, got this from snolan: 6 Insane Conspiracies Hiding Behind Non-Profit Groups.

I had already figured out that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were doing better news coverage and analysis than most of the "mainstream" news shows. I didn't realize that Cracked magazine was doing serious investigative journalism too (although I guess somebody has to).


Silly, silly me. I thought that the decline of American civilization would be due to having made pimps, hos and porn-stars out cultural heroes! Now I see that secret special interest groups are way ahead of the game.
Y'know, it's more than possible that the Amalgamated Union of Pimps, Hos and Porn Stars is behind the fact that American fashion and culture is pretty much a cesspit....
The Scientology connection does not surprise me AT ALL. They've been pushing Xenu & Co. instead of actual therapy for decades.

Brilliant. Thanks for the link!
I totally need to start a professional blog called The Marcab Confederacy.
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