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Election day

I basically voted the "Working Families" line whenever it was the same as the "Democratic" line. There were several Democratic candidates whom I didn't vote for: some were unopposed, and one was pivotal in the defeat of same-sex marriage in New York State. (They had most of the Democrats on board to vote "yes". They had a significant number of Republicans on board to vote "yes", on the condition that the bill passed easily so they couldn't be blamed for putting it over the top. They did a roll-call vote, in alphabetical order. My Senator, named "Addabo", changed his mind and voted "no", and the Republicans and moderate Democrats bolted.)


Oooo, that Senate...

I'm sorry they're not all up for re-election this year--after this year's shenanigans, they could walk on water and I'd STILL want them to go home 8P

Re: Oooo, that Senate...

Nothing will surprise me anymore, having lived and voted in both NY and NJ. What a welcome home this will be.