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devil duck

hurry up and wait

shalmestere's department potluck is today, so I agreed to drive her and her contribution to work. The car's "check engine" light came on; naturally, no indication of what needs checking, or how urgently, but I was planning to work from home today anyway, so after dropping shalmestere at work, I went on to the dealer where we get most of our car service. The road was moderately fouled up by weather -- a flooded lane here, a non-functioning stop light there -- so it took a while. And now I've been in the waiting room, where the most interesting reading matter is the Wall Street Journal Fashion Issue, for over two hours. Grump, grump, grump...

Update: the oxygen sensor needs replacement, and the fuel injector needs decarbonization. Neither of which was urgent, I think, but I'm here anyway; might as well get them done. That'll be $$$ and another hour and a half. So much for the stuff I was going to get done today....


You are a Pearl Beyond Price :-)

stuff to get done

As it turns out, I did still get some stuff done (other than deal with the car). Empty the dishwasher. Fill the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher. Hand-wash a bunch of dishes. Bake three loaves of bread. Answer a bunch of e-mails. Make pizza for dinner. Empty the dishwasher. Fill the dishwasher. Update "Federal deficits" web page for the fiscal year just ended. Run the dishwasher. Hand-wash a bunch of dishes.