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devil duck


KWDS was great. We spent at least six hours a day in dance classes, several more hours a day in balls, an occasional stint playing dance music, and a bit of Seattle sightseeing (I'd never been to Seattle except to change planes, and shalmestere had never been there at all. What a nifty city!) The weather was gorgeous -- a sprinkle of rain two of the five days we were there, otherwise clear, highs in the 70's, lows around 60. And the event organizers, predicting that people would be using unaccustomed muscles, arranged for a professional masseur on-site. That's what I call service!

We checked into our dorm room, exhausted and jet-lagged, and saw this out the dorm room window.

When I lived in San Diego, I could routinely see mountains (often snow-capped) in the distance, and sometimes I miss that.

The UW campus, where KWDS took place, is on the north side of the city, and Mount Rainier is thirty miles to the south and seldom visible... but when it is....

And it wouldn't be a visit to a new city without visiting the public library. In Seattle's case, that's rather a dramatic and alarming experience:

KWDS itself wasn't so picturesque, although a number of people dressed up spiffily. I didn't do the fancy-dress-up thing, as it seemed to entail getting hot and sweaty while dancing, but shalmestere shot this near the end of the workshop.