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devil duck

The Day (or two)

Yesterday morning, as I was waiting for the workmen to come and replace the garage doors, I noticed that not one but two cars were blocking the garage. I called the police, who said they would come around when it was convenient and ticket the cars, and I called a couple of towing companies, who said "call us back as soon as there's a ticket on the car so we can legally touch it." Then the guy (singular) from the garage-door place showed up, parked blocking the next-door neighbors' garage because he couldn't get to mine, and started work. The new doors look pretty good, and they actually open and close, and one can't put a fist through them. (Well, OK, I haven't tried, but I don't think it would work.) There's a big pile of wood and steel on the curb waiting for trash pickup, but nothing's perfect.

What else got done yesterday? Must be something... I used up some more leftovers, worked on some textbook chapters, worked on the Ostgardr web site redesign...

Anyway, this morning I observed that the rabbi's SUV was still blocking my garage, still with the note I put on the windshield Sunday morning, so I called the cops again, and this time they actually showed up and wrote a ticket. Yay!

Meanwhile, I drove the Things to summer camp, to be retrieved after KWDS, then came home and made a batch of beet brownies. We had previously tried a recipe for red-velvet cake that shalmestere found on the Web, using beet juice, but weren't able to tell any perceptible difference from your common or garden variety chocolate cake, and it wasn't good enough to repeat. This time we used a different recipe which calls for beet puree rather than juice. Haven't tasted it yet, but at least it came out red:

The recipe said to cook it for 30 minutes, but shalmestere really, really dislikes overdone brownies, so I checked it after 20 minutes and concluded it was done. It looks pretty much the same:

Oh, and I low-carb-ized the recipe somewhat: in place of 3/4 cups white flour, I used 1/4 cup each soy powder, coconut flour, and whole-wheat flour, and in place of 1/2 cup white sugar, I used 1/4 cup each Splenda and brown maltitol.


Taste-Testing Has Happened....

The consistency isn't very brownie-like (maybe because of the flour substitutions), but this might actually be a viable Red Velvet Cake surrogate. Another taste-testing (with a judicious application of cream cheese frosting) will happen later this evening....