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devil duck

Odds and ends

1) Got a letter from the IRS yesterday. Not the "Guess what, we're auditing your return" letter, but "Guess what, you missed a credit and we owe you $xxx" letter. The good kind of letter from the IRS. (If any of you likewise failed to notice the Making Work Pay credit, go look it up. It's worth $400/individual or $800/couple for most middle-class Americans. This has been a public service announcement.)

2) Went yesterday to inspect a cargo trailer we read about on Craigslist. We seem to be buying it, in hopes of being able to
a) pack more cool furniture, instruments, etc. for SCA events and living-history shows, and
b) pack for said events in advance rather than after work on Friday, so we can get on the road faster.
I'm not sure whether we should decorate it with Gothic tracery and/or a Latin motto around the top....

3) Got an e-mail today inviting me to join AARP. Seriously, folks, I'm 46 years old; isn't that jumping the gun a bit?

4) I think we've finished recording and selecting tracks for shalmestere's audition CD. The bathroom will no longer be a recording studio.

5) I have a bunch of homework to grade, and I need to write three final exams, in the next week.

6) Still don't know where we're going for vacation in June: it was going to be somewhere in Europe, but we're not sure the volcano will let us. We might end up in California. Or maybe Europe after all.