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devil duck

Must be Monday

So we're all stressed and cranky from the news yesterday that B. died, and associated drama. It's my first day of classes, and I'm under-prepared. One of the classes is at 9 AM so we both have to be out of the house before 7:30 -- which we've done thousands of times before, but not in the past six months so it's a change in routine. People are having emotional reactions to things that they would normally shrug off. It's rainy and windy and grey. On the way to work, I got a strong gust of wind just as I stepped on a rain-slick metal grate, slipped and fell, scraped my knee, and put a hole in the nice grey washable-wool pants that I pulled the tags off an hour ago. And it's not 8 AM yet.


Oh, no! (((hugs)))

Your pants, my umbrella...maybe we'd better go to Macy's tonight :->

It is, most definitely, a Monday. World-class, epic fail, Monday of Mondays.
No kidding.
Oh big hug, and a chip of ice in a soft cloth for the knee. :(