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devil duck


A rainy, stay-at-home sort of day.

We made six batches of cookies today. shalmestere wrapped some Xmas presents and prepared them for mailing. Walked the Things twice so far (one more walk as soon as I post this), but it was raining so we didn't get to the park. I was sorta thinking of getting to greenman73's class on bow and arrow maintenance, but we were on a roll baking cookies.

Tomorrow, back to grading. Two of my students contacted me today (one by phone, to my home number, which I have not given out!) to ask questions about the take-home final exam that's due Tuesday. So I expect to see a couple of panicked students in my office tomorrow too.

Tomorrow night we might get to dance practice, if we think we'll have time to adequately clean and cook for the SCA business meeting cum Xmas party we're hosting next Saturday.