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devil duck

Another cold call

H: Hello?

C: May I speak to $HUDEBNIK?

H: You've got him.

C: I'm calling because you recently registered for a cruise to the Bahamas. Congratulations, you are one of our winners. Have you ever been on a cruise, or been to the Bahamas?

H: No.

C: Would getting to Florida to take the cruise some time in the next eighteen months be a problem for you?

H: No.

C: Now, the offer is available only to people over 18 years old. Are you over 18?

H: Yes.

C: And, like all major cruise lines, it requires that you be a major credit-card holder. Are you a major credit-card holder?

H: Yes, everybody I know has a major credit card.

C: Would you mind telling me which one?

H: Yes.

C: Any particular reason?

H: Because it's not your problem.

C: Well, we are taking a poll on which are the most common cards in use, so we need to know which card you have.

H: Good luck.

C: Have a nice day.



Is there any way you could tie up more of the fone-scammer's time? (If only we had a Hold button....)

a) Let them do their schpiel. Don't really listen. At the end, say, "I missed that". "Missed what?" "That part you said about a minute ago." "What part?" "I don't know, I missed it."
b) Say, "hang on a minute", put the phone down. Do something else for a while. Pick it up every minute or so, and say, "I'll be just one more minute."

Nicely Played

Starting tomorrow, ask THEM a few questions:

"What's YOUR name?"

"What country are you calling from?"

"What's your shoe size?" (OBNod to Python)

"Would you mind telling me what color underwear you put on this morning?"
Nicely done!

Isn't there a Do Not Call List to sign up for? Brian has us on that, but apparently the List does not apply to political robo-calls.

*What* is going on??? Are you being stalked or something?