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devil duck

Dream diary

So one day our friend hotspurre posted that he was going on a tourism trip to eastern Belarus, where there was (among other things) a medieval church that had a lot of artworks and artifacts from his persona's period and culture. Everybody wished him well.

A few days later, the TV and radio news (and of course the blogosphere) filled with news of a major earthquake in Belarus. Actually, it wasn't all that big -- Richter 6.3 -- but the building standards in the area were so bad that houses and office buildings all over the area were collapsing. Grainy home videos appeared on YouTube of what looked at first like alleys lined with tall, wobbly stacks of cans of cat food, teetering and falling over -- until you realized that they were apartment buildings. Political dissident groups seized the opportunity to try to overthrow the government, and the military seized the opportunity to try to crush political dissident groups. The two were on the move towards one another through collapsing cities. And hotspurre was heading for the exact same place. His friends were worried.

Then I woke up. Yo, hotspurre: don't do anything stupid!


Yo, [info]hotspurre: don't do anything stupid!

I second that!
I can't tell if your friend's really going to Belarus or if that was part of the dream too!

(If he's really going, have him drop me a line if he wants me to put him in touch with a college friend who's travelled in the area extensively for business & fun alike.)
As far as I know, nobody in my circle of acquaintance is currently planning a trip to Belarus. I'm open to correction :-)