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oy, what a day

Morning: dropped of shalmestere at work, then went to Staples to photocopy Østgarðr newsletters. Came home, waited for Staples to finish. Went back to Staples, picked up newsletters, brought them home. Stapled, folded, labelled, stamped, sealed, spindled, and mutilated for a while, by which time it was noon (I was really hoping to have this taken care of hours earlier).

Afternoon: Dropped newsletters off at Post Awful, drove to Apple Store to retrieve allegedly-repaired laptop (I'm writing on it now, and it's charging nicely, which could be important), and finally got to the office about 2 PM. Spent several hours dealing with catering, logistics, software installation, lecture notes, textbooks, etc. for the workshop I'm supposed to run all next week.

Early evening: Went straight from the office to archery practice with greenman73 (nobody else showed up). I'm out of shape: my fingers were tingling and my back was sore in half an hour. And with heavy, threatening cloud cover, the light was failing, so we called it a day and headed to our respective homes.

Later evening: Got home without incident, blissfully ignorant of the zombie problem. Becoming extremely glad that I had at least some archery practice today, and wishing I had a few dozen more arrows -- I don't know how effective they'll be on people who are already dead, and I don't really want to retrieve them. I've got 16 gallons of clean water in the basement, and a propane torch in case it's necessary to cauterize any body parts. And, like chargirlgenius, we've both got decent bicycles, which should be able to outrun them as long as we're not surrounded and have someplace to go. There's no question that the Things can outrun a zombie too, if it occurs to them; I only hope they don't decide to chase them (probably not; greyhounds are mostly interested in fast-moving prey).

On the downside, we live half a mile (downhill all the way) from a large, New York City cemetery. Come to think of it, New York City has a lot of large cemeteries....

On the upside, I may not have to worry about preparing lecture notes for my workshop (!)