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devil duck

what is it today?

We've lived in this house for almost eight years, and I think I've gotten one phone call offering to clean my chimney. I just got two such phone calls, from two different companies (at least they claim to be two different companies, and they quote different prices) within an hour.

Of course, the weather has started getting cool, so we ought to have it done before turning on the furnace for the winter.


Maybe it's time to renew your "do not call list" entry?
Fireplaces and wood stoves have come back, there are more cleaning companies now.
Then again, maybe it really was the same company calling twice. It would be good psychology: hearing another spiel with a higher price makes the lower-priced spiel sound more attractive, and makes it more likely that the customer will take the lower bid. And maybe you'll luck out and get the sort of customer who figures "you get what you pay for," and will actually take the higher bid.

Time for BBB and Angie's List....