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I <3 students who argue

I'm teaching Symbolic Logic this semester, and although I haven't seen any homework yet, I think it's going well. Most notably, the students are arguing with me -- not about grades or due dates, but about the subject matter: what constitutes a "valid inference", are we justified in getting from this step to that step, stuff like that. When they don't believe or understand something, they ask, and don't let up until they do understand it. Wow... it's almost like Education.

Of course, it means I have to be prepared to improvise a lot in the classroom, because I can never tell in advance where the conversation is going to lead. That's fun too, in an adrenaline-high sort of way....


You mean... they're... they're... thinking?!! Wow... cool!
Yay :)

I still need to plan on that class, myself...