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pipe & tabor

Alumni news

In today's mail was a quarterly alumni magazine from my undergraduate institution. Classic junk mail, of course; don't even bother opening it. Except that my undergraduate institution is Virginia Tech, and this was the first alumni magazine since April 16. The cover was black, with a small maroon-and-orange ribbon and the words "We will prevail." The magazine was devoted to photos and biographies of the fallen, addresses by the University President, the Governor, and Dubya at the memorial convocation, photos of candlelight vigils and shows of sympathy from around the world, etc.

I didn't know any of the 33 people murdered in Blacksburg that day, but I took classes there twenty years ago, and I currently work at another University. For that matter, I didn't know any of the 3000 people killed in the 9/11 attacks, but most of them lived, worked, and died within fifteen miles of my home, and several people I know should have been there -- one missed her usual train, another skipped work to visit the DMV, another's alarm didn't go off, etc. In both cases, it's purely the luck of the draw that neither I nor anyone I know were among the victims. Every one of those people had loves, hates, memories, talents, plans, etc. all irrelevant now because one person (or a few people) had both hatred and weaponry.

And there but for the grace of god....


I think you need to have some ice cream....