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devil duck

space shuttle

The space shuttle launch originally scheduled for 1:26 this morning was rescheduled for 1:10 AM tomorrow due to weather, until they discovered a mechanical problem. It is currently scheduled for 12:22 AM Friday, which makes it more likely that I'll actually go out and watch it.

This is the last nighttime shuttle launch scheduled before the likely end of the program, and it should be visible all up and down the east coast of the U.S.: the solid rocket boosters (first 2:04 minutes) will be visible as far north as the Carolinas and as far inland as parts of Tennessee, and the main engines (until 8:24 minutes after liftoff) will be visible into Canada. See this page for viewing guidelines. In brief, if you're along the east coast, find someplace dark that the southeastern horizon is unobstructed, e.g. the seashore (yo, minstrlmummr!). It should be the brightest thing in the sky (except the moon) until it drops the SRB's, and comparable to Venus or Jupiter thereafter until the main engines cut off.


I can never tell, does that mean late Thursday night or late Friday night? 12:22 a.m. would mean late Thursday night to ME, but I worked night shifts for seven years...
The release from NASA actually says "Friday morning at 12:22". Although there was a story on the radio this morning saying it might be delayed another (24 hours - 24 minutes), i.e. Friday evening at 11:58.
Darnit! I won't be on the east cost then.