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devil duck

cooking journal, etc.

It's a decompressing weekend for me, after about 35 hours last week leading a workshop on beginning computer programming. I still have to choose textbooks for the fall, and write an annual report on my NSF grant, and write textbook chapters, but the most urgent stuff at work is done for now.

So we picked up a bag of garlic scapes at the Greenmarket yesterday. We had never had garlic scapes before, and weren't really sure what to do with them, but that's what Teh Intarwebz is for, right? After looking at a couple of recipes and assessing our energy levels, we settled on this simple pesto recipe, poured over pasta. It didn't turn out as thick as in the photo, and I think the flavor of the scapes would have come out better if we had used Parmesan (we were out, and substituted Romano, which sort of pushed itself to center stage), but it was very tasty nonetheless.

We bought two quarts of strawberries at the Greenmarket too. I'm not sure whether they were slightly bruised when we bought them, or got bruised on the way home, but by the time we got home, it looked as though they wouldn't last more than two or three days. So we pureed most of them with red wine, almond milk, and medieval spices after the "Strawberye" recipe in Two Fifteenth Century English Cookbooks. It didn't thicken as much as we were hoping, so some time today we plan to pour some of it into the ice cream freezer and see how it turns out.

We also walked the Things in the park, and mowed the lawn, and did some tidying in the Attic of Entropy, and played some 14th-century "keyboard" music on harp and citole (shalmestere does the noodly stuff on the citole while I, who have been playing strings much less, plunk tenor lines on the harp).

It's a gorgeous day today.


I use scapes, especially the tough ends, to make garlic scape vinegar. I can't cook without it now.