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devil duck

I haz teh tooth

I can haz quince paste nao?

After six visits to two different dentists, yesterday was the allegedly-final appointment in the tooth saga: the dentist took out the temporary crown from three weeks ago and glued in a real, custom-made crown. It was actually fairly quick, unlike the previous visit when (among other indignities) I spent about ten minutes with my mouth full of wet plaster waiting for it to harden. I am authorized to eat normally. And pay off the bills over the next month or two....


Yuk. The worst part is when you discover that all your favorite foods get lodged under one corner of the crown, so you find yourself picking at your tooth in the most inopportune times...

Teh Whole Tooth

:::::ducking and running:::::

Jeepers, y'all need another bill like a hole in the...head.

Re: Teh Whole Tooth

Well, this dentist is pretty flexible about exactly when you pay off bills, so we should be able to spread it over a few months. Which means we can do it without missing essential bills, but this together with the roof puts a crimp in discretionary spending....

Re: Teh Whole Tooth

No kidding :-/