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devil duck


Yesterday I got home and the sun was shining, for the first time this week, so after work I changed into shorts and T-shirt and took the Things to the park.

The lawn has needed mowing for a while, but this was the first time it hasn't been raining (see above), so I pulled some dandelions, chives, and that tough, coarse grass that laughs at lawnmowers, mowed the 400 square feet of front lawn (the back has apparently already been done by one of the neighbors), and raked up the debris.

A new RAM module came in yesterday's mail, so I printed the installation directions off the web, shut down the computer, and opened it up. The directions tell you how to install a new RAM module in the slot, under the assumption that there isn't already one, but they don't say anything about how to remove an old one. One is supposed to insert the new RAM module at a 45-degree angle, then press it down to lock it in place. Reversing these directions, then, one would expect to pull/pry the existing RAM module up to a 45-degree angle, then pull it out... but getting it up to a 45-degree angle wasn't easy. I eventually managed it, though. Then inserted the new RAM module at a 45-degree angle, pressed it down to lock it in place, and it popped back up to a 45-degree angle. That again. Hmm... maybe I haven't inserted it far enough... no, this is as far as it goes. Let's try the old one... which also pops back up to a 45-degree angle. Well, maybe if I put the close-fitting cover back on, it'll stay flat where it's supposed to be. I put the cover back on, plugged the computer back in, and pushed the power button. Several minutes later it was still trying to boot, so I decided that wasn't the way to go. I opened it up again and glared at the offending angled RAM module. Then glanced at the tabletop and noticed two little pieces of plastic, about 3/4" x 1/8", that looked remarkably like the sorts of tabs that would lock something in place if they weren't broken off. Oh, !(&*#^$%)%^$ A $2000 computer's $40 RAM module is apparently disabled by breaking off two fraction-of-a-cent plastic tabs that are obviously made to break off. I'm sure I could get this fixed, by a professional, for a hundred dollars or so, but let's see if I can do anything myself. Hmm... why did God give us electrician's tape? I didn't have a lot of confidence in this solution, but it seems to be working: the computer booted without incident, it recognizes the additional RAM, and I'm writing on it now.

In other news, We Haz Teh Strawberry.

Actually, several others are on the way, but this is the only one that's (largely) red yet. Not quite ready to pick... perhaps by the time shalmestere gets home from K'zoo....


Yay for Spring and Lawns and Strawberry, First of Many (hopefully!).
Yay also for Elec. tape. Funny 'bout teh frakkin' RAM module foo... don't these tools of ours make us crazy from time to time?