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devil duck

Da March

We didn't go to Washington, DC for the Women's March; we just hopped a commuter train into Manhattan for New York's version. We arrived around 9:30 AM, early enough to get into the rally area, where there was a women's choir (which nobody could hear) and various speakers, including Cynthia Nixon, Helen Mirren, and Whoopi Goldberg. I saw Senator Chuck Schumer in the crowd about twenty feet away from me, but (remarkably) he wasn't on-mike. At 11:30 the police closed 2nd Avenue to traffic; the march wasn't officially supposed to start until noon but I think it actually started at 11:30 (I couldn't tell, because we were half a block away at the rally). At noon the rally officially ended and people started moving towards the march route half a block away. It took us 2-1/2 hours to move that half block and join the march route, by which time 2nd Avenue was packed with demonstrators from at least 51st Street down to 42nd, where the march route turned west so I couldn't see how packed it was. We marched slowly down 2nd Avenue, then across 42nd, then up 5th Avenue to 55th Street, reaching Trump Tower around 6:30 PM; I'm not sure how far behind us the crowds stretched at that point. But the march was a bit under two miles long, filling streets about 100 feet wide, which sounds like a few hundred thousand people (consistent with official estimates that vary from 200,000 to 500,000).

There were a lot of humorous signs, some tasteful and some otherwise. People made signs about a wide variety of issues:

  • pussy-grabbing by the President

  • corruption and incompetence among cabinet nominees

  • abortion rights

  • oil pipelines on Native American land

  • childish tweeting

  • environmental protection and global climate change

  • the President's apparent love affair with Vladimir Putin

  • LGBTQ rights

  • Obamacare

  • immigration crackdowns and fantasy border walls

  • the President's 3-million popular-vote deficit

  • the President's hands and hair

  • Black Lives Matter

  • etc. etc.

Some people, overwhelmed by the number of things to complain about, wrote simply "So many issues; not enough cardboard". I didn't see any violence or even any negative interactions with police. Everybody seemed to be in good spirits, and one police officer I talked to said "It's been great: everybody's been so nice."

"Thou shalt not mess with women's reproductive rights -- Fallopians 19:73"

"I'd call Donald Trump a cunt, but he lacks the depth and warmth"

After the march, we stopped at Grand Central Terminal for dinner and a potty break. In every men's urinal was this:

soap cake sculpted as Donald Trump's face

Tired, sore, dehydrated, sorta wired. Bedtime.