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pipe & tabor


We just got back from a concert in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Bob Sherman's "Woody's Children" radio show. It was a salute to the past, with a nod to the future: Pete Seeger, and his grandson Tao; Peter Yarrow, and his daughter Bethany and her musical partner Rufus Cappadocia; Tom Chapin and his younger bandmates Jon Cobert and Michael Mark; etc. The concert was dedicated to the memory of Odetta, whose agent and daughter were both sitting three rows straight in front of us, as well as to Woody Guthrie, whose daughter Nora was sitting two rows straight in front of shalmestere. Oh, and Tom Chapin decided that with only Christine Lavin representing the distaff, they needed another female voice on stage, so he called up his daughter Abigail, who was sitting right in front of shalmestere, to join him for a few songs. Tom Paxton and his backup man Eric Weissberg did a couple of numbers, including an updated-for-2008/2009 version of "I am changing my name to Chrysler". Doug Mishkin was one of the less familiar names on the program, but was also young enough to still have some voice control.

As it turned out, Pete Seeger called in sick (nothing serious, just a bad cold, but at ninety-whatever-he-is, one takes care with such things); his grandson called him and held his cell phone up to a microphone so he could greet the audience. And Bethany Yarrow was unable to make it because of some kind of child-care thing. The rest of them did a sort of free-for-all for two hours: one of them would step up to the mikes and start a song, and others would gradually join in, then another would step forward, and so on. It was clearly live and not over-rehearsed -- there were some "what key are we in?" glitches, a repeated verse, and "wait: I was playing the verse and you guys were playing the refrain" -- but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

It felt at times somewhat like being on the set of "A Mighty Wind", only realer.


That sounds quite the good time there :) Likely especially for the last line, as I can imagine that happening :)