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devil duck

cooking journal

In the aftermath of the holidays (I guess), one of our local supermarkets had filets mignons on sale for $6/lb, so we got three pounds and had mignons au poivre for dinner last night. They came out perfectly: cooked enough for me, rare enough for shalmestere, melt-in-your-mouth tender, set off just right by the reduction sauce. Yum.


(1) The price was low because it was sold as a tenderloin roast; had we bought that much tenderloin as individual steaks, the price would have been astronomical :-0

(2) In terms of taste and mouthfeel, I would have liked a bit more cream and a bit less wine (that being closer to my first experience with Mignon au Poivre)--but that's a minor quibble. On the whole, the meal was definitely a Win :-)
I'd be happy to experiment with shifting the proportions in that direction next time.
Oh, the shame...more filets are called for! :D

(I, personally, love having any problem of this sort. I hear no complaints from the rabble members of this house, either.)

Re: Reduction Sauce?