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devil duck

Few things can be as humiliating to someone who thinks of himself as a good musician as an electronic tuner, an electronic metronome, and a digital audio recorder. I didn't know it was possible to make that many mistakes....

On the bright side, I think Take 7 was significantly better than Take 1.


IKWYM ::sigh::
Do the electronic doohickeys register ornamentation as "mistakes" or something?
No--but it pinpointed every. single. time. we ::ahem:: disagreed with the metronome...and turned a simple missed note into a major glitch...and highlighted (as if with an aural yellow marker) unevenness in technique. It magnified EVERYTHING. (It also picked up Thing One sighing and moaning in his sleep--but that was rather amusing).

If nothing else, it's a wake-up call ("Hey, Stoopid! You need to practice more! ::biff::)

Yeah. Metronomes. We never know that music half as well as we think we do.

I haven't had that experience (and don't want it, unless I start singing seriously again. Essentially not singing since I had pneumonia has wreaked havoc.)

But I first recorded when I was 16 - not solo, part of a group doing recordings for the McMillan textbooks. You have no idea how many ways there are to sing a simple 4 line children's ditty *wrong*. It's mind boggling... The recorder will pick up everything.

"You're A Braver Man Than I Am, Gunga Din..."

There's a reason I paid someone else to record me.
Singing songs I'd been busking with for three years.

Learning How To DIY A High-Quality Recording looked to me like a shortcut to the loony bin. I don't know how windsingerbard does it...