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devil duck


It's still Hanukkah, so we had zucchini pancakes again tonight. As an experiment, I also made a small batch with grated daikon in place of the squash. The result certainly looked like potato pancakes, and the mouth feel wasn't bad. There was a bit of radishy sharpness/bitterness, but not enough to be unpleasant. And in keeping with the "fried" theme, lamb merguez sausages (with pomegranate and ginger, according to the label) from the farm market.

Tomorrow perhaps we make another batch of goat-and-chorizo chili.


I've been playing around with daikon on occasion for various low-carb experiments because it has such nice "body" while being primarily cellulose and water. Alas, I've found that it doesn't cook up well (as a soup vegetable it was barely edible). But the raw uses have possibilities -- the size and shape make it perfect for slicing into "crackers" for appetizers.