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devil duck

Xmas Xronicle

12/23: Dropped off shalmestere at work, then on the way home stopped at a butcher shop for ingredients for the next two evenings' dinners. More last-minute grocery- and prezzie-shopping. The last gift I was waiting to receive and wrap arrived in the mail, so I wrapped it up and put it under the tree. Ate some cookies.

After dinner, made up a package of cookies to take to ilaine_dcmrn's house for Christmas caroling; met her two girls, who were much smaller and had much less personality the last time we saw them (we haven't visited in years, despite living maybe half a mile apart). minstrlmummr met us there and helped fill or double vocal lines that needed filling or doubling. Ate cookies.

shalmestere got off work at lunchtime in honor of the holiday. It being wet and sloppy, I picked her up at the subway station, and we did some grocery shopping.
Ate more cookies.

Dinner: creamed spinach, filets mignons with port-wine reduction sauce, baby potatoes roasted in bacon fat, molten-centered chocolate cakes. Cookies.

Went to Garden City Cathedral for midnight mass.

12/25: Woke late after 1:30 AM bedtime.
Walked to the grocery for eggs and butter.
Came home and made poffertjes/aebleskiver (I gather poffertjes is the Dutch name, aebleskiver the Danish) filled with either a chocolate pastille or a small dab of strawberry jelly.
Ate poffertjes on the couch in between opening presents.

The Things got a couple of edible treats, a squeaky bird, and some tooth-cleaning bones (one of which shalmestere describes as "the Klingon tickler," and suspects it's actually sold for human-sexual purposes despite being on the dog-toys aisle). Friends from Chicago sent us a boxed set of Hilliard Ensemble recordings, apparently recorded long enough ago that they still had voice control (which was not the case when we heard them live a year or two ago!) shalmestere got me a Josquin recording by Ensemble Alamire, the new Neal Stephenson book Anathem (which looks interesting), a score of wooden weaving tablets, and some other stocking-stuffers, and (by her own hand) a new pair of beads (bone Aves, dyed-coral gauds, gold-colored fingerlooped silk cord with tassels at the ends -- I'd been missing my previous pair for a couple of months). I gave her a number of varietal chocolates, Beedle the Bard, a stuffed penguin tree ornament, and (the big toy for the year, addressed to both of us) a digital audio recorder.

Walked Things in the park for an hour. Gorgeous day: blue skies, warm enough to be comfortable
walking for an hour, cold enough that the snow hasn't completely melted yet.

Quiet, laid-back afternoon, this tendency reinforced by two tired greyhounds emitting sleep rays. I got a little bit of writing done on the textbook.

Put the duck into the oven, mixed up broccoli side dish, put frozen Thanksgiving sausage stuffing into the oven, etc.

minstrlmummr came over to help us eat the aforementioned, watch "A Child's Christmas in Wales" (which she had never seen before), eat some chocolate pots de creme which she had brought, and swap the prezzie we had given her by mistake (which should have gone to someone else) for the one she was supposed to get.