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devil duck

Snow day projects

We have a long list, far longer than the expected storm, but one is candying some citron.

The recipe said it should take about 45 minutes of simmering to get the syrup to "thread" stage.  After five hours, we decided it had actually reached that stage.  The kitchen has smelled heavenly all day (although some of that time it was lamb chili).  Citron pieces have become transparent and are now draining.  shalmestere tasted the syrup and said "it's almost like perfume."

After draining the syrup off, I spread the pieces of citron out to dry.  I may give up on open-air drying and resort to the desiccator, but let's try this first.


I'm still not certain if my Buddha's Hand citron will recover from an unfortunate insult enough to thrive. I've been keeping my eyes out for a standard citron tree, but I imagine that the extra rind surface of the Buddha's Hand has a major impact on flavor. I candied some standard citron that I bought at the store and it's really rather bland.
Lots of flavor: think lemon zest pointed with rosewater. (Although rosewater sometimes gives a "soapy" impression, and I haven't gotten that from this thing.)