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devil duck

Snow day projects

We have a long list, far longer than the expected storm, but one is candying some citron.

The recipe said it should take about 45 minutes of simmering to get the syrup to "thread" stage.  After five hours, we decided it had actually reached that stage.  The kitchen has smelled heavenly all day (although some of that time it was lamb chili).  Citron pieces have become transparent and are now draining.  shalmestere tasted the syrup and said "it's almost like perfume."


In everything I've read on the subject, the fruit is called a "Buddha's Hand Citron". Of course, I had never heard of them until a few weeks ago, when we saw them in the grocery and immediately mentally dubbed them "Cthulhu Lemons".

It's a bizarre fruit: as far as I can tell, it has no seeds, nor any infrastructure for holding seeds that have become vestigial. Which raises questions about evolution and the existence of God....

What to do with them: probably pass them around after dinner in place of anise-in-confit. And the syrup we drained off after cooking will probably dilute to a delightful Pennsic drink.
Looks like a citron somebody optimized for rind.
Yes, it's clearly a case of maximizing surface-to-volume ratio.

The neat thing is that you can use every bit of it, after chopping off the stem. There's no bitter pith, no seeds, no membranes... sort of the Babelfish of fruit.