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devil duck

snowpocalypse 2016

We had an inch of snow last week, but this is the first snowfall of the winter that anyone would bother shoveling.  The blizzard warning says "accumulations of 15-20 inches" before the storm tapers off around midnight, but I think that may be an underestimate: as of 10:00 AM, I measured 10" on the front steps and 15" in the middle of the lawn.  It's still falling at a good clip.  I shoveled the steps and halfway to the sidewalk, just so there's a bit less shoveling to do later on and so the dogs can get out and relieve themselves.  It's lovely, fluffy snow, neither slush nor powder.

Being snowed in would be a lot more fun if the oven worked.  As nearly as I can tell, the bottom igniter gave up the ghost two or three days ago: the stove and broiler still work, but not the thermostat-controlled "oven" part.  The recommended procedure to confirm that the igniter needs replacing involves an electric multimeter, which I had for many years but which has disappeared in the past few months (I have a vague memory of throwing it away because I couldn't find all the parts).  An igniter costs about $65 and can apparently be installed by an ordinary person, but I don't know if anybody within (say) five miles would have igniters for this particular model of oven in stock, and I'm certainly not driving anywhere to get one today.  I guess we can mail-order an igniter and just not bake anything for the next few days.  We still have, as mentioned above, various other cooking devices: stove, broiler, microwave, crockpot, waffle iron, sandwich press, etc.  And if we REALLY need to bake something, we can use the broiler in combination with an oven thermometer.

If the storm takes out our electric power, of course, all we've got is the stove.

Edit, 7 PM: I did another round of shoveling after brunch, and another just now.  There are 27" in the middle of the front lawn.

Edit, 9 AM Sunday: The snow plows have come through, both in front and in back of the house.  Which means there's a sizable wall of snow between the curb and the roadway, in addition to the stuff between the garage and the curb.


You can always boil a pie!

The apple-cranberry version is especially good.
That does sound good! Let's see... fondness for lemon peel, fondness for tart things, Anglophile, ... my granny was only part Scottish, and didn't make this particular dish. Will 3.5 out of four do?

We'll have to look through the collection of mixing and baking implements for one that meets those criteria.
I possess a multimeter, good luck coming over to borrow it :-p

Thanks! Actually, that had already occurred to me: I figured you probably had one, and you're in walking distance. (The car is in the garage, and it'll take a significant amount of shoveling to clear a path from it to the street, even once the street is auto-passable.)
I've even shovelled out to the sidewalk so you could concievably make it to the front door. As soon as kids have breakfasted they are being put to work on the car and driveway. We have Gingerbread rehearsal at 2 so I've got to get it out and drive, sigh.

I'll leave the meter out with Brian, and also the usb microscope in case you might find that handy for examining things in small spaces.

For that matter, I do have an oven, and intentions to bake a ham in it. If you both showed up around 6:30 or 7, there would be lots of food

Edited at 2016-01-24 02:32 pm (UTC)