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devil duck

Oddities of pet ownership

So I came home from the grocery and the drugstore, unpacked the groceries, and went upstairs to work on the computer for a bit. The Things were downstairs, and voiced a few complaints that the stairs were blocked off so they couldn't join me upstairs to sleep on the floor but rather had to do their sleeping on the nice cushy dog-beds in the living room. Eventually I came downstairs and realized I hadn't put away the drugstore purchases. But the Things had decided to help: Thing One had a package of toothbrushes in front of his nest, while Thing Two had a box of allergy pills in front of his. Both were undamaged -- I guess they turned out less interesting than they had anticipated.


A good friend's greyhound would occasionally steal a wrapped stick of butter, hide it, and produce it, unharmed, when ordered.
Evidently they're still receiving transmissions from the Mother Ship :-)