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devil duck

dream diary

I was in a faculty committee meeting, and one of the other professors invited me to sit in on his class in the room across the hall just after the meeting. He had been pestering me to sit in on his class for some time, and I had forgotten exactly what he taught, but this time I decided I didn't have anything else urgent to do; what the hell. So I walked in and sat down at a desk near the back. Each desk had a piece of paper on it, and several professors were walking around, whispering a different scenario to each student, and then moving on. My scenario was "You've been transformed into an MTA MetroCard. What sorts of systems are you interacting with, and what is your day like?" As the professor moved on, I said "Umm... what class is this, anyway?" He just laughed and moved on to the next student.

So I started writing a short-short story, but had only gotten as far as the word "Whew!" before another student made a triumphant noise of completion and was invited up to the board to present his... cartoon. I thought "Oh, $%@#*&^; I can't draw to save my life." But I started sketching a row of tiny subway cars, then another row heading the opposite direction, then another, and another, filling up the page with a sense of bleak pointlessness and unimportance. A professor looked over my shoulder and said "Interesting; sort of in the Fraktur school." I had no idea what he was talking about, but said "Well, I guess I was thinking of something German... maybe 'Metropolis'..." to his retreating back.