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devil duck


There was a voicemail message from my septuagenarian neighbor Ben, who has the same address on the next street over. The Post Awful frequently delivers one of us the other's mail, and today he had received some of ours. He said he wasn't physically up to bringing the mail over, but had left our mail on his porch.

So I walked over and saw a mini-van parked on his front lawn, and Ben making his way across the lawn. Yes, he had my mail, but he also had a crisis: his wife had broken her kneecap, and he needed help getting her into the car. His daughter was there too, so I wasn't the only able body around. We got the old lady down the stairs in a wheelchair, then lifted her into the front seat. Her knee was swelling visibly, and I suggested that they grab some frozen vegetables from the freezer and hold them on the knee, but they didn't want to do anything remotely medical until they got to the hospital. I told her to "break a leg" (yes, she got it) and they drove off.