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devil duck


Shortly after we moved to this house, we found a lady ("A") with a greyhound living a few blocks away, and ours enjoyed meeting and sniffing hers. That greyhound died a few years later and A got another one, a white girl with black ticking named Dottie. Within a month after Dottie's arrival, she was attacked and seriously injured by the dog across the street, leaving her traumatized -- hesitant to meet humans, and hair-trigger hostile towards other dogs.

So imagine my surprise when, walking the dogs this morning, I saw A and Dottie across the street, and Dottie started play-bowing at us! I crossed the street, with our dogs on very short leashes, offered Dottie my hand (she was OK with that), whereupon Sharkboi and Dottie play-bowed at one another for a few seconds. Moongrrl wanted to sniff Dottie's rump, but I know Dottie doesn't like being sniffed, so I kept her at a safe distance, and Moongrrl settled for accepting some scritches from A.