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devil duck


Took the Things for a walk in the park. Have I mentioned that I really like having a square mile of forest two blocks from home? A good fraction of the bush-sized vegetation in the park is maple-leaved Viburnum, which has stopped blooming in the last week or two, to be replaced by some kind of white-flowered wild rose -- I think raspberries -- and what I think are elderflowers. And of course there's a lush growth of poison ivy.... Anyway, the air in the park was 5-10 degrees cooler than in our residential neighborhood, and it felt like a greenhouse.

I was wondering where some of my summery clothes were, and found a box of them in the attic, which I filled in exchange with sweaters and sweatshirts from the bedroom. I have short-sleeved shirts! I have linen! Yay! (We also just picked up a bunch of linen shirts at Daffy's on Saturday.)

In the afternoon, we finally got out of the house and went to an air-conditioned theater to see "Iron Man". (shalmestere wasn't enthusiastic about "Iron Man", having never read the comic book, but the reviews were pretty positive, so we decided to give it a try.) The reviews were right: there's a lot of stuff blowing up, of course, but good acting and good dialogue, all handled with a light touch and subtlety that's the antithesis of the title character.