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devil duck

Dream diary

So shalmestere and I were at the theatre, watching some kind of play with a vaguely "Shakespeare in Love" feel. At one point in the play, the male lead was at center stage telling the rest of the characters about some bit of off-stage action that had just happened, when a voice piped up from the audience: "I had a thought about another thing that could have happened" (or words to that effect). Everyone on stage did a perfect "freeze" while Truman Capote, who was sitting a few rows in front of us, went on to explain his alternate scenario, something about two female characters swapping their respective sketchy boyfriends and both ending up better off. The audience initially reacted with shock, then when they realized who it was, most of them whipped out notebooks to dutifully copy down whatever he said.


I was going to suggest that we camp out for Shakespeare in the Park tix this weekend....Now, I'm not so sure :->