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devil duck

dream journal

Dream: a movie starring Robin Williams. Robin's character walks into the kitchen, checks the voicemail, and hears that the box of selected chocolates he ordered from Baader Meinhof Confectioners is ready to pick up. He doesn't remember ordering such a thing, but writes the phone number on the paper next to the phone, deletes the message, and calls them back to find out where and when and how much, etc. He leaves to pick up the chocolates.

A woman (blonde, in her 30's) living in the same house walks into the kitchen, checks the voicemail, and hears the next message, from the Baader Meinhof Movement, an international terrorist organization. The message is full of references to mysterious Barons, steamy love affairs, and code words. The woman knows about all this, because she's involved in the terrorist plot herself, so she returns the call. Using (you guessed it) the phone number written on the paper next to the phone. The reception at the confectioners, naturally, is confused by what she hears, but there's the springboard for a presumably comic action-adventure movie.