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devil duck

Paris stuff

€3.20 ice cream
€ 7.50 dinner
€33 lunch
€9 Provins book
€8 Picasso museum admission
c. €3 cards
€2 shower
€45 for the day's room
= c. €110 for the day

Picasso museum: housed in a 17th-century hôtel (i.e. mansion), of which the Marais is full. The collection was Picasso's own, donated to the government upon Picasso's death in lieu of inheritance taxes. As such, it includes trival masks and thee works of Picasso's friends and mentors, as well as a lot of his own (mostly lesser-known) works. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been tired, sleepy, and hungry, but I got a lot out of it nonetheless.

€39 lunch (card)
€8.60 dinner
€117.50 Museum cards & Metró passes

Lunch at a a crêperie, followed by a visit to the Musee Carnavalee, which covers the history of Paris. Unfortunately, the medieval rooms are closed for renovations for the next year or so, and the real emphasis is on the 18th to 20th centuries. But we saw some interesting Neolithic and Gallo-Roman artifacts. Back to the hotel for a nap, then out to an Oriental take-out place for dinner on a park bench, after which we crossed a bridge to the Isle St-Louis and strolled along the waterside. We passed the Hôtel des Sens, a 15th-century mansion with medieval turrets and overhangs, and learned (too late) that it's closing toomorrow for summer vacation, to re-open the day after we return to New York. So we won't get to see much of that one on this trip (although I took some photos of the outside).
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